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Possibly my most anticipated game of 2011, LA Noire is the latest effort from Rockstar – the same guys responsible for the seminal Grand Theft Auto series and last year’s old western smash, Red Dead Redemption. With Rockstar having already brought us games set in a variety of settings (an 80s Miami Vice inspired city, the old west and, um, a boarding school), 1940s LA seems like a natural fit for them. They have proved themselves capable of handling large environments, both modern and old, so it’s understandable that they would want to try their craft at a genre quite often overlooked in the gaming world.

LA Noire is very much a labor of love. The attention to detail is quite frankly staggering and visually the game is nothing short of breath taking. From the cars to the outfits, the developers have done their homework here – making sure that the game provides an authentic and realistic experience. And that was one of their first crime solving games.

LA-Noire_624The game puts you into the shoes of beat cop, Cole Phelps (no relation to Fred Phelps) and sees you progress with your crime fighting career as you get promoted through the ranks, solving cases as you go. Being a detective story, the game features a lot of investigating. From examining crime scenes, corpses and interrogating people, with each case there is plenty for you to consider. The game quite often requires you to put two and two together and regularly requires you to use your head more than you firearm.

la.noire.05.lgReading people’s reactions during interrogations is a lot of fun – with each answer, the game gives you the option to believe them, doubt them or just label them a liar. Unfortunately however, Cole’s questioning can quite often be a bit tougher than expected and on numerous occasions my Cole made some fragile individuals cry when I merely doubted their answers – on one occasion he accused a grieving woman of having no alibi!

It’s not all investigation though.  Scattered throughout the game are various side missions to complete.  Answering calls, you’ll more often than not find yourself chasing down petty thieves, capturing them or either gunning them down.

All in all, LA Noire is quite a solid, character driven game that blends the best elements of the likes of Heavy Rain and throws them into the Rockstar sandbox blender.

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How to have a great Tinder profile Comments Off on How to have a great Tinder profile

How to have a great Tinder profile

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We all know how it is hard sometimes to find new people or how to find your prefect soulmate. Ok, it is age of communications and self-presentation. Billions of people around the world are out there and you can find everyone you want. But, then again, I would like to write something about tinder application and my experience with it.

tinder-logoOne of the basic things about Tinder are: It is definitely the funniest, the fastest and the easiest way to find new interesting people. But, the fact is that like in most of the similar applications it is important to be updated with your profile information, and not just with information, also it is important to stay updated with your profile look.

As you may now it is all about creating an image of yourself. It is similar like in reality. Imagine that you have decided to go at some club in order to meet new people or to find yourself a partner. First you will get dressed well, do your own thing before getting out and try to represent yourself as you think that you should or you want to look like. But, most of the times you will present yourself as you are, and that is most important thing. So, the same thing is when it comes to your Tinder profile. It should be well arranged in order to represent yourself and who you really are.

As you may now, or maybe don’t, more than 26 million matches are made by each day! And if you are just one of those people who were insecure at first about this kind of social networking, now is a time to get out of a shadow and create your own tinder profile, which will help you to find that particular one that you have been waited for.

Among 26 millions of matches in one day, there is maybe someone waiting for you.

Most of people like to show off on tinder, but that is not what you need to do, believe it or not, sometimes is much better to be a good listener then to have ABS and fancy car on your profile picture. Find the best picture that can present yourself it that particular time, write few words about how you feel or what you are thinking and that could be enough, believe me. Saying false things about yourself is like having  Android hungry shark evolution cheats – it’s simply not interesting.

matchShow other people that you are respectful and that will give them a sense that you are normal and good person. I know few girls that have told me that being respectful can be sexy too.  As you want to be respected, other people want that too. So, don’t let that out of your mind.

Another important thing to know is that you shouldn’t reveal too much at first. Be more mysterious. When you reveal too much in a short time, there won’t be anything else for other people to get interest about.

And for the end – always choose your first opening messages and your profile wisely. That could save you lots of effort afterwards and show other people that you are well structured personality, just as they hoped to find.



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The inevitable curiosity for the lives of celebrities Comments Off on The inevitable curiosity for the lives of celebrities

The inevitable curiosity for the lives of celebrities

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Games, Technology, Traveling



Honestly, we are all obsessed with the media and pop-cultural icons. It is not something we are proud of and in most cases we do not wish to discuss our insane fixations. However, in cases when boredom kicks in, it is most likely that we opt to experience a relaxed care-free environment where everything is possible and the good life is at close reach. Those are of course, the lives of celebrities. Isn’t it a common event for you to wind up turning the pages of a celebrity magazine when waiting to have an appointment with the hairdressers? 4c8e9c62d9hjWe don’t like it but the flashy, twinkly and fancy lifestyles of the rich and the famous attract us. It lures our curiosity and attracts minds into everything that makes their lifestyles so damn interesting. I have recently talked to a friend about how these seemingly unimportant rituals and curiosities influence our day to day routine. We came to a conclusion that these interests reside in a need to escape our everyday problems and let’s face it – it’s kind of fun. When you plunge yourself into the crazy and extravagant way of life of for example Kim Kardashian, you wonder how life can be easier and more luxurious. In addition to this, it is fairly easy to imagine this lavish existence and identify with the matters that come across their way. Having this in mind, I started thoroughly investigating for what reasons do we actually intend to set ourselves up for failure and dream about becoming them. I believe that, after reading a fair amount of information on this topic, that we try to overcompensate for our shortcomings and underachievement by at the same time day-dreaming about being famous and laughing shamelessly at their break-ups and scandals.

1403622909320.cachedBaring this in mind, I have stumbled onto a game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood. This is a game that confirmed all of my preconceptions about our fixations for celebrity culture. In this game, it is possible to have your own glamorous way and become famous yourself. This is, of course, possible only as an extension of our own imagination since the game world is only there to feed our own desire for the life we will probably never experience. What perplexes me the most is that some people even use cheats to make their route to fame event easier! These are the so-called hacks that make the game pointless. Let me explain first how the game works. The goal is to collect as many points in form of stars and cash and by doing so, you are on your way to become an A-list celebrity. You start as an unknown person and you climb your way up the ladder of fame and success. However, if even this instant game doesn’t meet your expectations fast enough, you can always go to your search engine or web browser and type in Kim Kardashian game generator and make the fun much easier.

It is most probable that even if you are not a fan of the celebrity culture and reality shows, you will like this game because it is contagious in its form and helps you to relax after a hard and gloomy day.

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The best apps to help you while traveling Comments Off on The best apps to help you while traveling

The best apps to help you while traveling

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Since smartphones can help overcoming many obstacles, it is no wonder that there are many apps that can help you while staying in a foreign country or planning a trip. Some of them require access to the Internet, some do not, but the most important thing is that they will help you find your way in foreign countries and make your travel more comfortable.


When you register on Airbnb, you can explore the rooms and apartments around the world offered by locals at really affordable prices. You can choose the type of accommodation according to the number of days you plan to stay and your budget. This is a good opportunity to get to know the locals of the city you travel to and experience it from a completely different perspective.

xe-currency-androidXE Currency

This is an excellent tool for quick currency conversion. The exchange lists are updated every minute and they are indeed identical to the currency rate of the national bank of your country. The application includes every global currency and provides some basic information about each.

WiFi finder

Wi-Fi finder finds available networks in the area in one click, both unlocked ones and those that require a password. Ironically, this action may require a Wi-Fi, but there is also an option of searching for public networks by using GPS, which means that the app works even when you do not have the Wi-Fi connection.


This is the app for food lovers who like to know other opinions about food and restaurants, but also it offers the possibility to share your experience with others. Very simple interface enables quick and easy search of food and restaurants, and there are categories such as “the best”, “the nearest” and “specialties” for those who do not know exactly what they would like to eat at the moment. The possibility of adding food and restaurants in “favorites” facilitates planning and record keeping to regular users.


This is an interesting app that helps you pack your suitcase effectively. Select the date of your departure, the city (supported by Google), then the type of travel (business or pleasure), and then the activities that you plan to perform. Depending on these parameters, the application makes a list of the most important things for you, and you can also add your own items. The app also offers information about the weather forecast.


This application allows you to quickly and easily search and book accommodations and flights, and thus it makes planning a trip very simple. Options such as search for the cheapest and fastest flights, last minute flights, discount accommodation, detailed description of the hotel etc, with the simplicity and accessibility of the application are some of the reasons why in 2013 it was ranked among the best apps on Google Play. Hipmunk does not stop at choosing the cheapest flight and accommodation, but it will also search for the best price and quality ratio. Hipmunk also generates and offers accommodation with Airbnb website.

Google maps

Finally, there is the inevitable Google. Of course, the Internet connection is needed to use it, but here is a tip: while you have the Internet, load the map of the town you are in and do not delete the cache. The application will store this information and it will use it in offline mode.

Google maps are frequently updated, so that you can see them on the metro, bus lines, restaurants, bars and much more.

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